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About Little Hoi An Group

About Little Hoi An Group

The Awaken Beauty of Ancient Hoi An

Back to the 15th century, this was the most wealthy and robust trading port in the entire Southeast Asia. Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Indian merchants and the indigenous Cham people all left their cultural traits harmonizing along the banks of Hoai river, creating Hoi An’s exotic ambience unavailable elsewhere.

A peaceful coastal ancient town in the 21st century, Hoi An still stands the test of time to preserve its values and uniquity. The yellow weathered walls, the traditional lanterns, the sleepy riverbanks, the embroidered masterpieces or even the meticulously prepared dishes – all shelter and reminisce about the golden days. But it is not the whole story. It is claimed that the beauty of Faifo is waking from the long sleep and ready to take back the spotlight as the regional most attractive destination. Together with the charming lifestyle, Hoi An enjoys the proximity to Da Nang international airport and other UNESCO World Heritage sites like My Son Sanctuary, The Imperial City… Many explorers have become lifelong lovers of this ancient town, and the next journey is yours to claim.

Our Vision

Little Hoi An Group is here to develop a hotel management company that drives distinction in everything we do. Guided by a boutique service philosophy, we embrace guests with hospitality that comes from the heart, and offer a gateway to inspiring cultural experiences.

Our Mission

Little Hoi An Group determines to forge a boutique brand built on exceptional quality, genuine cultural experiences and remarkable value. We capture guests’ imagination and impart lasting memories amidst a warmly authentic local abode.

Developing Through Numbers

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